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  • June 2, 2020
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Advantis Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative serving Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas since 1928. With over 200 employees working in 9 credit union branches, driving employee engagement and efficiency is critical to success.

Evaluating the Old

Ten years after its original intranet launch, Advantis recognized the need to refresh the solution to meet the evolved needs of their business and team members. To get started, Amber Hollingsworth, former Corporate Communications Program Manager, met with stakeholders, surveyed staff, conducted focus groups, and compiled usage data from the current intranet to determine how to move forward.

The result was agreement that the new intranet needed to be centralized around employee engagement, effective communication, and building team cohesion. Consistency in branding, improved navigation, and refined content ownership were identified as key factors that would help improve adoption and increase overall value.

Developing a Plan

Amber, along with Kyleigh Gill, Communications & Community Engagement Manager, began by bringing their business challenges and needs to their OnSembe Customer Success Manager, Rachelle Orozco. They determined a relaunch was in order to create a fresh start and reset expectations for their intranet. After a few planning sessions, a clear game plan was put in place for the new “Employee Hub” to become THE place for everything related to employees and their communication with peers. Smart planning and support from stakeholders were key to achieving a wildly successful, beautiful new portal that filled in previous gaps and encouraged new ways to engage and share information.

“We had big ideas for what we wanted to accomplish,” says Amber. “The Passageways team was super supportive in helping us implement our ideas with workarounds and creative solutions.”

Tools for Engaging Employees

While we are keeping some surprises for the 2020 Connect Conference this September, we do want to share some of the good stuff and brag on what a great job the team at Advantis has done.

Here are some highlights of the features and functions of the new Employee Hub:

  • New, modernized look with branding in Advantis colors and fonts
  • Super creative, animated icons
  • Intentional Navigation built-in with the dropdown toolbar, integrated links, and buttons on pages
  • Custom Newsfeeds* to communicate important information and eliminate emails. Bonus: employees are using likes and comments, making this feature interactive and visible.

* Custom software development by Passageways

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