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  • April 9, 2020
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COVID-19 is changing the way we work.

Harvester Financial Credit Union recently experienced rapid changes resulting from COVID-19 as events around the credit union swiftly went from “all is well” to “lockdown” in the space of four hours. Located in Indianapolis, the credit union saw an immediate decrease in foot traffic as soon as news about the virus spread and concerns grew. 

OnSemble Distributes Information Quickly

The team at Harvester had been using their OnSemble portal – nicknamed the HIPE – for most office announcements already. Incorporating a new slide on the home page carousel was the most effective route to get information to employees quickly.

“I downloaded the content directly from the official CDC website and linked the slide to the CDC resource page for COVID-19 facts and best practices,” says Marketing Associate Audra Williams.

“We are seeing the impact of social distancing and the state’s ‘essential travel only’ order in ways many never thought possible,” Audra says. “We are keeping staff informed of any necessary changes through the HIPE. “We post new procedures and updates to existing procedures as they relate to COVID-19 on the HIPE. All staff can easily access them instead of trying to find an old email.”

“We post new procedures and updates to existing procedures as they relate to COVID-19 on the HIPE. All staff can easily access them instead of trying to find an old email.”

Audra Williams
Marketing Associate,
Harvester Financial Credit Union

“We Recognize Work is Secondary to [Employees’] Physical and Mental Health”

Jason Ford, president of the credit union, also uses OnSemble to communicate with employees.

“I usually post work-related videos in our video of the week section,” says Jason. “I am now posting light-hearted and/or fun videos to give people a small distraction during their day. It’s important to me for the staff to understand that we recognize work is secondary to their physical and mental health.”

Chartered originally under the sponsorship of International Harvester, the credit union has operated continuously in Marion County since 1954. Its primary mission has been “to serve the financial needs of the members, and this mission continues to be the primary driving force behind the credit union today.”

The spread of COVID-19 has done nothing to alter that.

“The needs of our members and the safety of our team are our top priorities,” Jason continues. “In addition to filing and scanning during downtimes, we are sanitizing and cleaning everything. We are adapting as quickly as we can during these ever-changing times.”

Even with the lobbies closed, the credit union is still able to prioritize its members’ needs. Harvester now offers drive-through services and curbside assistance to those members with physical limitations. In-person meetings continue on a limited basis by appointment only.

“We have rescheduled meetings, including our Annual Meeting, and allowed those who can to work from home,” Jason says. “Everyone is pitching in and working as a team to focus on our members and ensure their financial needs are still met.”

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