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September 22-24, 2020

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OnSemble Connect

Our annual OnSemble User Conference has a new name and this year we’re taking it virtual and making it FREE! We’ve decided that the current risk of traveling is not worth the reward of seeing everyone face to face, so we have cancelled our in-person conference. However, we don’t want to wait an entire year to connect with you all so, this year, we’re moving to a virtual event!

Explore new ways to take advantage of powerful software tools alongside other users. Regardless of your level of expertise, we know that you will leave better equipped to ensure your maximum portal potential is being reached.

Connect With Your Peers

One of the biggest benefits of OnSemble Connect is the opportunity to connect, learn, and share among your peers.

The people who come to OnSemble Connect share so much in common from their roles and responsibilities to a shared passion for Passageways solutions that OnSemble Connect turns out to be an event where friendships bloom. Those friendships make OnSemble Connect an impactful event, bringing together bright minds that are helping drive the future of digital collaboration.

We Pledge 1%

We’re animated by giving back, philanthropy is in our DNA – because we believe building a community who invests in each other is not only the right thing to do but because its the only kind of city we want to live in. That’s why Passageways committed to the Pledge 1% initiative, a program that inspires good corporate citizenship by returning 1% of our time, profit, and product to our community.

That means giving employees time to go make the world a better a place, donating our products to non-profit charities that make a difference, and signing checks to organizations who put in the hard work and dream big about a better community for everyone.

We challenge every organization to do the same.

OnSemble Virtual Connect 2020


Connect with Peers

We know the best way to learn is having a chance to network and listen to people with a shared experience.

Impact The Future

You’ll have a unique opportunity to talk face to face with the Passageways product team, watch as your ideas come to life.

Get Recognized

Celebrate the achievements of Passageways customers over the past year with our Bestie awards.