Intranet for Healthcare Services

Enable your healthcare employees to stay connected and do their best work. Activate your culture of high-quality patient care by using a central communication hub to inform, align and engage your distributed teams.

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OnSemble employee intranet offers robust intranet portal features.

Our typical healthcare customer

Our healthcare customers are midsize organizations that provide a range of health services. Prior to implementing OnSemble Intranet, most customers were using email for employee communications and storing documents on shared network drives. Common issues that our intranet for healthcare resolves are: inconsistent communications, lack of centralized information, inability to align employees with mission and values, and policy communication compliance.

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“OnSemble is a great tool and asset for our company. Our content is now current; announcements are attractive to staff. Employees are regularly logging in now and engaging with the content and each other.”
Cody, Evergreen Family Medicine

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“We are quite pleased with our OnSemble intranet. We had a successful rollout during a very chaotic year. It has helped us improve employee efficiency and communication on everything from policies and procedures and audit logs to our SWAG store.”
Jennifer, Perkins County Health Services

Why a healthcare intranet?

Employee retention is a serious concern for healthcare providers. OnSemble Intranet for healthcare services can help you improve new employee onboarding, employee communications and engagement, employee alignment with your values, and team collaboration. An intranet can enable you to improve patient care by acting as a central hub to post policies, procedures, best practices and care tips that employees can access at any time. After all, your mission is to create a culture of caring – and that starts with caring for your employees and finding creative ways to engage, enable and retain them.

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Improve Communication and Collaboration
  • Provide a central hub for ongoing company communications.
  • Push must-see information using Announcements and Alerts.
  • Create a digital workspace for employees to interact with each other.
  • Keep everyone informed of important meetings & events with connected Calendars.
  • Organize employees into workgroups and cross-functional teams regardless of location.
  • Enable employees and teams to share documents and files – including photos and videos!
Centralize Information and Compliance
  • Provide a single source of truth with the most current information accessible to all.
  • Keep employees informed and compliant with new and updated policies.
  • Capture read-receipts and acknowledgements for HIPAA compliance.
  • Consolidate and improve form access.
  • Connect team members using the Employee Directory.
  • Give users access to information that’s right for their role.

Train, Align and Engage Employees

  • Streamline onboarding, training and compliance with our Learning Management System.
  • Align employees with your company mission and objectives.
  • Keep employees informed of objectives with Dashboards to monitor key metrics.
  • Show appreciation through Employee Recognition aligned to your culture and values.
  • Share important company and employee updates with Blogs.
Customer Case Study Summary
Perkins County Health Services logo

Perkins County Health System (PCHS) in southwest Nebraska is a county-owned health network consisting of 1 hospital, 2 family practice clinics, a specialty clinic, a nursing home and assisted living facility, and a daycare facility. PCHS has approximately 250 employees servicing a 100-mile radius due to their patient care reputation.

In fiscal 2018 PCHS started seeing several issues with their SharePoint intranet which resulted in a decision to review other intranet vendors. In mid-2019 PCHS began an implementation of OnSemble Intranet for Healthcare which they branded as The Hot Spot.

The intranet project team had fun developing the various pages they originally had with SharePoint and adding many more. The team was inspired by best practices and examples shared by OnSemble customers in the OnSemble User Community, Spark.

Overall, PCHS is quite pleased with the OnSemble intranet implementation of The Hot Spot. Dee Dee  Dunlap, Network Security Administrator, summarized one of the main benefits of their intranet: “OnSemble has helped us streamline, standardize and centralize everything.”

PCHS offers this advice to new customers of OnSemble Intranet:

  • Get involved right away with Spark, the OnSemble customer community. Ask how others have solved for “X”. The OnSemble Spark Community is very active, helpful and willing to share ideas and examples.
  • Don’t worry about your theme early on; you can get distracted. Focus on building your pages; the theme will evolve.

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