OnSemble Intranet Portal Features

The hub that activates your culture and helps your employees do their best work.

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OnSemble employee intranet offers robust intranet portal features.

OnSemble Intranet Features

The hub that activates your culture and helps your employees do their best work.

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Comprehensive software and services based on 17 years of intranet experience

OnSemble Intranet portal features provide you a full communication platform that activates your culture by keeping your employees informed, aligned, engaged, and enabled.

Communication and Information

Provide employees with ongoing company communications, single-source-of-truth information, and the ability to interact with each other.



Give your inbox a little break. Get announcements and group discussions directly on your intranet, specific to your team, archived with read receipts.



Alerts keep you connected to events that are relevant to you within your intranet. Customize the alerts you want and how you receive them; through email, popups, text message, or the Employee Instant Messenger.

Discussions and Conversations


A forum for anyone in your organization to start a thread, ask questions, gain input, to showoff, brag about hitting your goals. It’s really up to you.

Employee Directory


Create and customize a directory based on your organization’s needs. Employees can search the directory by title, department, branch, work group, location, specialty and more.



Connected calendars that can be simply filtered. Categorize calendars by team or event types. Create, signup, and show up for those special company events or that meeting you “forgot.”

Request Management | OnSemble Intranet Portal


Manage and track internal requests with transparency and ease. Submit requests for training, facilities, or even process improvements and track status in real time for easy reporting with the export tool. Export details for easy reporting.

Learning Management System | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Learning Management System

From class-room training, to SCORM courses, and in-house tests: set career goals and streamline employee training. Compliance audits cease to be nightmares.

Lobby Management | OnSemble Intranet Portal


From a simple touch of a screen, all the way through the queue, to the frontline staff and beyond, Lobby Management creates an amazing experience across branches.

Products and Services Directory | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Products &
Services Directory

A centralized resource for all product and services information that your financial institution offers. Critical for new employee training. Necessary for exceptional service.

Vendor Management | OnSemble Intranet Portal


Manage contracts and never worry about audits. Easily manage all your vendor information directly from your intranet. Set future notifications to remind you of renewals and contract expirations.

Alignment and Engagement

Align employees with your company mission and objectives. Engage employees in delivering on the promise you're making to customers.

Intranet Portal Employee Recognition
Dashboards & Visualizations | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Dashboards & Visualizations

Drive your planning by creating visually rich charts and gauges that track key performance metrics across your organization.



Create leadership blogs where management and departments share what’s important. Comment-enabled posts allow staff to engage and ask questions from within your intranet. Create an open environment for everyone.

Employee Recognition | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Employee Recognition

When a coworker does something amazing, they deserve a little recognition. Employees can send each other commendations and praises. A little thank you goes a long way.


Photos, Images & Videos

Worth more than 1000 words. Photo albums, simply imported. Just make sure they are Safe For Work.

Content Carousel

Content Carousel

Do you have important news? The Christmas party coming up? Keep what’s important front and center, cycling through your pages. No coding, plug it in and watch the magic.



Listen up. Take notice. Survey and analyze feedback across teams, branches, or the whole organization within OnSemble.

Documents and Collaboration

Enable employees and teams to share documents and files. Organize employees into workgroups and provide the tools they need to collaborate.

Document Management

Document Management

Stay organized with an intuitive document management system that pulls files from your shared drive or SQL database. Set document permissions by roles. Check-in and checkout database documents. Version history and management, obviously.



It’s where important links live. Need to find an FAQ? Sales Sheet? Create a quick way to find them. Organize documents. Customized for each page.

Forms Management | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Forms Management

OnSemble manages logistics of electronic forms. Easily handle form distribution and track status from start to finish.



Search for anything from your intranet to your network drive through an instant index that will find every file, FAQ, project, document, guide, training manual, and report.

Teams and Workgroups

Teams and Workgroups

Give your inbox a little break. Get announcements and group discussions directly on your intranet, specific to your team, archived with read receipts.

Instant Messenger | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Instant Messenger

Instantly collaborate with anyone across a secure companywide instant messaging solution. Equipped with an expert locator tool to find a specialist in your organization.

Rooms and Reservations

Room Reservations

Need a room for a meeting? Checking out a laptop or camera? Reserve meeting rooms and supplies directly from your intranet.

Administer and Manage

Easily maintain intranet users and control access to data and applications. Obtain the information you need to proactively manage the success of your intranet.

Intranet Portal User Selection
Intranet Portal Workplace Essentials
content editor

Content Management

No coding skills required to create rich content. Everyone can contribute to what gives your intranet life. Empower every department to share and create.

Custom Themes


Brand your intranet so that it’s distinctly yours. It’s where everyone works. So display your culture across every page.

User Management

User Management

Setting up users doesn’t need to be a chore. It’s unbelievably simple for administrators to manage individual profiles, pull data in from your active directory, and assign permissions based on roles, teams, and workgroups. Unlimited custom profile fields.

System Permissions | OnSemble Intranet Portal

System Permissions

Ensure that only the right people have access to the right data and programs. Use role definitions to streamline permissions when individuals join your organization, when they change roles, or when they exit your team.

Reports and Analytics | OnSemble Intranet Portal

Reports & Analytics

An analytics tool that provides you the metrics you need to understand how to optimize the use of your intranet to accomplish your objectives.

Built In Connectors



Office 365

Outlook Logo


Active Directory

Active Directory

Cloud Storage and Shared Drives

Shared Drives

Intranet Services

Your intranet is more than any old software. It will transform how your company communicates, collaborates, and connects. It defines your culture. That's why we offer a range of implementation services that meet your needs and promise a successful launch of all these intranet portal features. Implementation follows a thoughtful timeline and can include a variety of services to guarantee your success.

User Management

Your people are the heart of your intranet, the entire project is about them. That’s why our experts will help you create, credential, and assign permissions to everyone on your team.

Design & Layout Services

Our team will make sure you launch with a design that your users will identify with. Beautiful banners, themes, toolbars, and more ensure your culture is front and center.

Portal Population

Increase engagement with the help of experts who have built intranets for decades. They’ll enable you to connect and organize information so your intranet is intuitive to navigate and information easy to find.

Advanced A-La-Carte Services

For customers who require more advanced design needs or have more complex launch, we can tailor our services to your needs: data migration, portal configuration, page creation, graphic and icon design, and more.

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